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       Title: Breakfast Casserole (Pensylvannia Dutch “Cowboy”)
  Categories: Meats, Cheese/eggs, Breakfast, Sausages, Casseroles
       Yield: 6 servings
       6 ea Large Eggs                          2 ea Slices White Bread, Cubed
       2 c  Milk                                1 lb Sausage Browned
       1 ts Salt                                1 c  Sharp/mild Cheddar Shreds *
       1 ts Dry Mustard                    
   *     Use either sharp or mild Shredded Chedder Cheese.
   Beat eggs, add milk, salt and mustard, mixing well.  Grease bottom of 9 x
   13 baking dish.  Place in layer of bread cubes, the sausage, then cheese.
   Pour egg mixture over the top.  Refrigerate overnight.  Bake at 350
   degrees F. for 45 minutes.  Let stand about 5 minutes before cutting.
   For 8 people use 3 slices of bread and 8 eggs.