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                            French Toast Sticks
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 Someone was asking about making micro-wavable French Toast Sticks....I
 don't really have a recipe, but I have fiddled around and “invented”
 some that were rather good....Well, my PICKY children loved them, so
 that’s the real test around here. What I did was make my regular old
 french toast egg mixture, adding a little flour to make it thicker. Then
 I cut thick slices of (day-old) bread (“texas toast”) into strips,
 dipped in egg mixture, then rolled in graham-cracker crumbs (this was
 the big break-through i ngredient during my experimentation!) and cooked
 on lightly buttered skillet. To store, I “flash froze” them on cookie
 sheets, then into a ziploc bag.....they reheated great in the microwave.
 And, like I said, the kids loved them.... .and boy, are they cheaper
 than the store-bought ones! I have a recipe for cookies from cake mixes
 and they are wonderful. I believe that you can make them from any
 flavor. Most cake mixes call for 3 eggs, 1+ cups of water and oil. When
 making co! okies you only put in 2 eggs, NO water, and 1/2 cup of oil.
 It makes a cookie like consistent dough. My family loves them. I like to
 make Lemon and sprinkle powdered sugar on them. Last time I made them, I
 did freeze them for a few days, and they were great.
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