Date:    Tue, 19 Oct 93 13:41:00 +0700
 From:    “Barbara Klopp IAEA Vienna”                 <XIA@IAEA1.BITNET>
 Judy, someone just posted a recipe for vegan French toast on another
 list which looks adaptable.  It apparently originated from the American
 Vegetarian Cookbook.  I've not tried it, but the original poster loved
 Very Easy French Toast
 8 slices whole grain bread
 soy milk (why not use low-fat?)
 2-4 Tbsp maple syrup
 1 tsp ground cinnamon
 pinch of salt
 1. Cut bread diagonally into triangles.  Arrange on cookie sheet.
 2. Combine all other ingredients with hand blender or whisk.  Pour over
    bread and allow to stand 5 to 30 minutes; bread will absorb liquid.
 3. The orginal recipe called for brushing a nonstick skillet with oil
    at this point, but I am sure you could do without this.  Just up the
    heat and watch the bread closely until it browns and gets slightly
    crusty.  Turn once.