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 Breakfast Sausage
 Amount   Measure  Ingredient          Preparation Method
 1          lb     lean pork and veal   cubed
 1/2        lb     clean pork fatback   cut into small cubes
    large  dash    Hickory Smoked Salt  
 1          tsp    sage  
    lots           black pepper   
                   maple syrup, optional   
 The secret to good sausage is to keep everything cold, including the meat
 Mix all ingredients together in a bowl which is sitting in a bowl of ice.
 Grind together on the coarsest setting, twice. Make a patty and fry it to
 taste, then reseason quickly. Put away immediately in a cool place.
 If you like sausage sweet, add some maple syrup. If you like it really hot,
 add some red pepper.