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       Title: Apple Butter
  Categories: Breakfast, Fruits, Dressings, Low-Fat, Mcdougall
       Yield: 4 servings
      32 oz Applesauce
   1 1/2 ts Ground cinnamon
     1/2 ts Ground cloves
     1/2 ts Ground allspice
   Recipe by: McDougall Combine all ingredients. Place in saucepan. Cook
   uncovered over low heat at least 1 hour to thicken and blend flavors. Pour
   into covered container and refrigerate. Use as a spread on toast, muffins,
   HELPFUL HINTS: Also makes a delicious fruit syrup for waffles and pancakes.
   Just thin to desired consistency with a small amount of water.
   From the collection of Sue Smith, S.Smith34, Uploaded June 16, 1994