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       Title: Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries
  Categories: Ethnic, Breads, Brunch
       Yield: 803 Servings
            -JOE COMISKEY - JPMD44A
   1 1/2 c  Flour; all-purpose
       3 c  Milk
       2    Eggs
       1 tb Sugar
       1 ts Salt
            Butter or oil for frying
       1    Lingonberry preserves; jar
            Confectioners' sugar
    Beat the eggs and add the milk and flour gradually along with the sugar
   and salt.  Heat a platt pan or small frying pan over low heat and brush
   with oil or butter. Stir the batter well and cook thin and light pancakes.
   Serve with butter, lingonberry preserves and a bit of confectioners' sugar.
    You really should find a Swedish Platt pan for this. It makes small
   pancakes, about 3 inches in diameter, which are very much enjoyed by the
   2 community. You can certainly make them in a larger form, but the little
   ones are so cute.
    Source: Jeff Smith   The Frugal Gourmet  From the 04/14/1991 issue of The
   Springfield   Union-News