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       Title: Mark’s Eggless Pancakes
  Categories: Diabetic, Breakfast, Pancakes, Vegetarian
       Yield: 4 servings
    1.00 c  Wholewheat flour
    1.00 c  White flour
    3.00 tb Wheat germ
    2.00 tb Cornstarch
    2.00 tb Baking soda
    1.00 ts Baking soda
            Salt, optional
            Sugar, optional
            Water to mix
   Combine all the dry ingredients.  Add water, starting
   with 1/2 c & beating well.  Add enough water till you
   have the consistency desired. If you prefer thicker
   batter, add less water, thinner batter, add more water.
   Fry in a very lightly oiled skillet till brown, flip &
   continue to cook the other side.
   VARIATION: Substitute the wholewheat flour with millet
   flour, or buckwheat & omit the wheatgerm.
   Recipe by Mark Satterly.  Based on an idea from the
   Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair September, 1993.