This is the easiest pancake waffle recipe I have.  
 2 Cups whole wheat flour (bread flour, not pastry flour)
 2 tsp baking powder
 2 Tbs apple sauce
 1 Tbs light unsulphured molasses (or bee vomit)
 1 Cup low fat soy milk (I use Edensoy vanilla, which is about 18% fat)
 1 Cup apple juice
 Add all ingrediants in the order given and then mix.  Cook however you cook
 pancakes and waffles (I have not been able to get by without a cooking spray
 for waffles).   I make my pancakes big (coaster sized) and put in fresh fruit
 when I have it handy.  I pour my pancake and add the fruit to the cake on the
 Oh, yeah--top with real maple syrup.