Date:    Tue, 11 Jan 94 10:39:53 CST
 From:    Dona Miller <>
 VLF Pancakes
 It is possible to make really great pancakes without eggs.
 The most important thing is griddle temperature.  Get a
 good cast iron griddle, or one that conducts heat very
 I make them like this:
 X cup (s) flour
 Xt baking powder
 X1/4t baking soda
 XT sugar
 mix in
 at least X cup (s) of water or soy milk or more until desired
 consistency.  More water for thin pancakes.
 dash of lemon juice (optional)
 Spray griddle with a small amount of cooking spray beteen
 pancakes (non-arosol) or brush very lightly with oil.