Breakfast hash purples:
 Purple potatoes
 Green Onions (amount according to taste)
 Garlic (amount according to taste)
 Red peppers (amount according to taste)
 Cayenne pepper powder or paprika (depending on heat desired)
 Soak the purple potatoes in a bowl of water for about a half an hour.  This
 makes it very easy to scrub the skins, eliminating the need to peel them
 and lose those  nutrients.  After scrubbing, pat them dry and cut them into 
 approximately 3/4 cubes. Be careful where you cut them, as they can stain
 (purple potato juice!). Put them in a mixing bowl.
 Wash, trim, and slice the green onions. Add to potatoes.
 Finely chop the garlic and add to potatoes.
 Wash and cut up the red peppers to taste.  I like fairly large hunks of sweet
 red pepper.
 Add salt, pepper, and pepper powder to taste.
 Spray a little bit of pam or other cooking spray in a non-stick roasting pan.
 Bake in a 400-degree oven for approximately 1/2 hour.  This time will vary with
 the size and amount of the potato pieces.  Stir occasionally while baking.
 I have found that ensuring that they lie in a single layer works the best and
 yields a crispy, not soggy, crust on the potatoes.
 Sorry about the approximate amounts.  I make this different every time.  We
 find that the combination of purple, green, red, and white makes a dish
 that is a visual delight.  It’s also a low fat replacement for those
 greasy breakfast hash browns.