Sunday Morning Tofu Scramble
 8 - 12 ounces firm low fat tofu
 1 medium cold baked potato, cubed, not peeled
 1 small onion or several scallions, chopped
 several mushrooms, sliced
 1 small zuchinni
 1/2 cup salsa
 brown the cubed potato in a dry non-stick skillet
 add onions, mushrooms and zuchinni
 cook until veggies are done.
 Crumble tofu with a fork, add to the skillet and heat thoroughly
 Season with salsa, add peppers if you like it spicey, I like the pickled
 jalapeno slices.
 Serve as is or wrap in a tortilla for a breakfast burrito.
 I actually usually double this recipe, the leftovers reheat nicely.  Of
 course, you can change the seasonings as you like.  How about using peas
 instead of zuchinni and season with curry?  Sometimes I add veggie saugase
 or seasoned seitan.  Use your imagination.