Date:    Sat, 18 Feb 95 12:19:24 PST
 From: (Rob Ryerson)
 As stated below, the original recipe is from The Mormon Diet Cookbook. I 
 ran the recipe through Micro Cookbook (PC) for formating, archiving, and 
 nutritional information (NOTE: there have been questions as to the 
 accuracy of M/C, please use as a guideline only). I also gave it a new 
 By the way, the aroma from the time I started the blender, till the first 
 bite drove me crazy....
 ..... cut here   ....
                        Berrie Good Waffles
                       (Whole Wheat Waffles)
                            Serves   3
 Preparation   :15    Cook   :20    Stand   :00    Total   :35
 This produces one of the most delishious and crisp vlf waffles I
                         have ever tasted.
 1      cup wheat berries, (whole berries)
 1      cup Edensoy Vanilla Soy Milk
 2      tablespoons unsweetened applesauce
 1      tablespoon egg replacer, (mixed with 6 TBS water)
 1/2    teaspoon salt, (optional)
 4      teaspoons baking powder
 1      tablespoon sugar
 Blend berries and soy milk until smooth. Mix remaining
 ingredients, add to blender and combine. Makes about 3 cups. Make
 1 cup sized waffles. Cook between 6 and 7 minutes on high.
 Cooking longer will add cripsness, but can burn.
 Nutrition (per serving):  259 calories
    Saturated fat      0 g
    Total Fat          2 g   (6% of calories)
    Protein            9 g   (14% of calories)
    Carbohydrates     52 g   (81% of calories)
    Cholesterol        0 mg    Sodium        861 mg
    Fiber              2 g     Iron            2 mg
    Vitamin A          3 IU    Vitamin C       0 mg
    Alcohol            0 g
 Source: The Mormon Diet Cookbook
 Page (s): 303
            Date Published: 1992
 ISBN: 1-55517-090-0