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                        Crockpot Black Beans & Rice
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 Serving Size  : 12   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Crockpot                         Vegetables
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1 1/2   lb           Dried black turtle beans
    1       lg           Bell pepper (diced)
    1                    Hot pepper (optional)
    4       ds           Tabasco (optional)
    4       lg           Onions (diced)
    6       cl           Garlic (diced)
      3/4   c            Celery (diced)
      1/4   c            Parsley (minced)
    2       tb           Oregano (minced)
    2       tb           Basil (minced)
    2                    Bay leaves
    1       pn           Cloves (2 to 3)
      1/2   ts           Ground cumin
    4                    Beef boullion cubes
    2       tb           Vinegar (add last)
    1       lb           Lean bulk pork sausage
    1       lb           Pork (boneless cubed)
    1       lb           Stew beef chunks
      1/2   lb           Ham, smoked (1/2 cubes)
    1 1/2   lb           Smoked link sausage cut into
                         1 to 2 lengths
                         Salt and pepper to taste
   Beans: Wash and look for gravel then soak overnight in a bowl being
   sure beans are well covered with water. For cooking use a large crock
   Meats: First, brown bulk sausage in a skillet and pour off excess
   grease. Add other meats and stir to brown. Add bell pepper, onion,
   garlic, celery, and spices. Salt and pepper moderately, taste after
   cooking several hours and add more if needed.
   Add beans and soak water. If necessary add more water to cover entire
   ingredients by at least two inches. Stir in four bouillon cubes.
   Cover and cook on crock pot high for three hours then turn to low for
   at least six hours.
   I like to use the crock pot and leave it cooking on low overnight. I
   stir it about twice and sometimes find it necessary to add water. If
   it gets too thin, take about 1/2 cup of beans and mash with a fork
   until pasty to add back as a thickener. About an hour before serving
   stir in vinegar.
   I enjoy hot and spicy foods so I like to add the hot pepper (jalapeno,
   habanero or whatever you like) and Tabasco. If you don't like it hot,
   then leave them out or serve the Tabasco at the table.
   Serve beans and meat over rice. I have found brown rice to be quite
   tasty but white rice is fine too. Serve in a soup bowl and top with
   fresh chopped onion.
   Roy Olsen, roy@indy.net
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