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       Title: Sue’s Simple Low Fat Quiche
  Categories: Low fat, Main dish
       Yield: 1 servings
   Filling - tuna, pineapple, Onions, broccoli, spinach, Corn, etc
   (whatever takes Your fancy)
   L/F or F/F Cheese (optional) - approx 250 ml (1 cup)
   Custard 150 ml milk (approx 1/4 pint) 2 eggs (I use 1 egg & 1 egg
   white) 30 ml (1 heaped tablespoon) flour (ordinary white/ww flour;
   corn flour; potato flour, etc) pinch of mixed herbs black pepper to
   1) Heat oven to 180 C (350 F).  Spray a quiche dish with non-stick
   baking spray.
   2) Place fillings in dish & sprinkle cheese over.
   3) Place custard ingredients in bowl (in order they are given above)
   & beat well to get rid of any lumps.
   4) Pour custard mixture over fillings & bake in oven until set
   (approx 35 mins)
   I normally cook mine in the microwave (50 to 70 % power for approx 15
   mins) until custard is set - if necessary I  brown it off in the oven
   for approx 5 mins.
   The above quantities are enough for  a standard size quiche dish
   (approx 25 cm in diameter).  I normally double the ingredients and
   put into a rectangular casserole dish.
   Recipe by: Sue Winship Converted to MM by Donna Webster