MMMMM----- Meal-Master Recipe via Home Cookin 2.8
       Title: Whipped Butternut Squash (Microwave)
  Categories: Home Cookin,
       Yield: 4
      20 oz fresh butternut squash
     1/4 c  water
       1 tb butter or margarine
            OR 1 tablespoon olive oil
     1/4 c  skim milk
     1/4 c  grated Parmesan cheese
            Serves 4
            Preparation time: 15
         ea serving (3/4 cup)
            contains 115
            calories, 15g
            carbohydrate (4 grams
            fiber), 5g fat
            (2g saturated fat), 5mg
            cholesterol and 161mg
   Transfer squash cubes to a microwave casserole.
   Add water and microwave, covered, on high for 10 to 12 minutes or
   until very tender.
   Add butter, milk and cheese. Season with salt and pepper.
   Blend with a hand mixer until smooth and creamy.