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       Title: Open Sesame-Ginger Dip
  Categories: Dips, Vegetables
       Yield: 4 servings
       3 ts Dijon mustard                     1/2 ts Ginger, ground
       2 ts Soy sauce                           1 ts Sesame oil
     1/2 ts Sesame seeds                      1/4 ts Black pepper
       3 ts Green onion; chopped                1 c  Sour cream
   Mix the mustard, ginger and soy sauce, blending well.  Blend in the sesame
   oil, sesame seeds, pepper and green onion, blending thoroughly.
    Blend in the sour cream.  Cover and chill. Makes about 1 1/4 cups of dip.
   SUGGESTED DIPPERS:  Chicken Strips Or Cubes, Fried Wonton, Noodle Chips,
   Bok Choy