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  Categories: Side dish, Alcohol
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 pk Frozen caulifrower (10oz)
       1    Cucumber,pared and sliced
       1    Tomato,cut into wedges
     1/3 c  Vegetable oil
     1/4 c  Dry white wine
       2 tb Lemon juice
     1/2 ts Salt
     1/4 ts Ground pepper
     1/8 ts Garlic salt
       6    Lettuce cups
   Cook cauliflower as directed on package; drain and refrigerate until
   chilled. Place cauliflower, cucumber and tomato in bowl.
   Mix oil, wine, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic salt; pour over
   vegetables. Cover and refrigerate, stirring occasionally, at least 12 hours
   but no longer than 24 hours. Serve in lettuce cups.