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       Title: Cheese Sauce, Sans Cheese, Ff
  Categories: Vegetarian, Fat-free, Prodigy, Dec.
       Yield: 4 servings
     1/3 c  Inst. mashed potatoes;
            -Idahoan brand, or boiled
       2 c  -Water
       4 oz Roast peppers; or pimientos
       1 ts Onion powder
     1/3 c  Nutritional yeast
       2 tb Arrowroot
       3 tb Lemon juice
   1 1/2 ts Bouillon; or imit. chicken
     Add all ingredients to a blender or food processer
   and blend until smooth. Then add to sauce pan and heat
   on medium with continuous stirring until barely
   boiling and sauce is thick and smooth. Serve
   imeejetly, if not sooner.
     Great on anything on which you'd use a cheese sauce
   or it’s even good by itself. If you reheat, first add
   a little water, stir, then heat. : The original rcp
   calls for pimientos, but roast peppers give it a much
   better flavor. : Modified after Ornish - I think. Jim
   K RBFV65A :
   D/L from Prodigy 12-8-94.            Recipe collection
   of Sue Smith. 1.80á