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                          TEMPEH TERIYAKI (VEGAN)
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 Serving Size  : 2    Preparation Time :0:00
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                         John “Wizard Baldour”
                         Vegetarian Times, 12/90
      1/2   lb           Snow peas
    1       lg           Onion
    8                    Shitake mushrooms
    1       lg           Garlic clove
    3       tb           Canola oil (divided)
      1/2   c            Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
                          -- see recipe
      1/2   lb           Tempeh
                         Fresh ground pepper
    1       tb           Toasted sesame oil
    3       c            Cooked brown basmati rice
                         For garnish:
                         Green onions
                         Almond slices
   Preparation: If using dried shitakes, soak in water to
   refresh. Cut tempeh into thin slices.  Cut onion in
   thin slivers. Mince garlic. Remove strings from snow
   peas, if necessary. Remove stems from shitkes, and
   slice mushrooms thinly.
   Heat 2 TB canola oil in saucepan or wok, gradually
   raising heat to medium. Fry tempeh slices in batches,
   until one side becomes golden; turn and fry other side
   until golden. Remove and drain on paper towel.
   Add 1 TB canola oil and sesame oil to pan; raise heat
   to medium-hot. Add snow peas,mushrooms, onions, and
   garlic; saute ONLY until onions are translucent, not
   brown, and snow peas are bright green. Then add
   drained tempeh.  While stirring and tossing, add the
   teriyaki sauce; be careful to turn the heat down, as
   the sauce will sizzle 'dramatically' according to the
   author. Season with pepper.
   Serve over brown rice, garnishing with slivered green
   onions and almonds if desired.
   Serves 4.
   Nutritional info per serving: 528 calories; 20 g
   protein, 21 g fat; 62 g carbohydrates, 1285 mg sodium,
   0 cholesterol
   Both recipes by John “Wizard Baldour” Troy, master
   chef and menu planner at the Regulator Cafe in
   Hillsborough, NC. Taken from the December 1990
   “Vegetarian Times” article 'Favorite Recipes of the
   Top Chefs'
   Source: Uploaded 5/91 - Carolyn Andre [72207,2637]. MM
   by Cathy Svitek
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