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  Categories: Desserts, Cookies, Vegetarian
       Yield: 12 brownies
       2 c  Whole wheat pastry flour
     2/3 c  Carob powder
       2 ts Baking powder
       1 pn Salt
     1/2 c  Honey or apple juice
     1/2 c  Unsweetened applesauce
     1/4 c  Canned pineapple pieces
            -- (Unsweetened)
       1 ts Vanilla extract
     1/2 c  Raw cashew pieces
   Preheat oven to 350 F.  In a large mixing bowl combine flour, carob,
   baking powder and salt.
   Blend honey, applesauce, juices, pineapple and vanilla.
   Add dry ingredients to wet mixture and stir in nuts.  Pour batter into an
   oiled 9 x 13 pan.  Bake 1 hour or until brownies pull away from sides of
    Calories per serving: 172
   Grams of Fat: 4
   % Fat calories: 20
   Cholesterol: 0 mg
   Grams of Fiber: 3.7
   * Source: The Shoshoni Cookbook - by Anne Saks and Faith Stone
   * Typed for you by Karen Mintzias