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                   % Favorite Chocolate Marbled Brownies
 Recipe By     : Knudsen and Sherilyn
 Serving Size  : 36   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Brownies                         Favorites
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    8      oz            Cream cheese -- softened
      1/4  c             Sour cream
      1/4  c             Sugar
    1                    Egg
      1/2  tsp           Vanilla
   21 1/2  oz            Pkg fudge brownie mix
                         Chocolate-Sour Cream Topping:
    6      oz            Milk chocolate chips
      3/4  c             Sour cream
                         My revision for topping:
    6      oz            Milk chocolate chips
                         Omit sour cream
 In small bowl beat cream cheese until smooth, beat in sour cream, sugar, 
 egg, and vanilla to blend thoroughly. Prepare brownie batter according to 
 pkg instruction. Spread half the batter (My note: More than 1/2 the batter 
 must be used or the bottom of the brownie crumbles away when removed from 
 the pan) into greased 9x13 baking pan. Top with cream cheese mixture, then 
 remaining brownie batter, swirl with knife blade to create marbled effect.
 Bake 350 F, 40-45 mins until pick comes out clean. Cool on rack. Frost. 
 Chill to set. Topping: Melt chocolate chips in double boiler, cool 
 slightly, stir in sour cream.
 My Notes:
 I baked these at 325 F for 20 mins.  So watch your cooking time. Also, use 
 butter to grease the dish and not non-stick spray or the brownie will 
 stick. 13x9x2 is not a good size for these, but 9x11 is.
 Original recipe calls for 6 oz chocolate chips and 3/4c sour cream.
 Unbalanced...too heavy on sour cream.  After making this several times 
 using sour cream, I've decided to omit the sour cream and we liked it even 
 I prefer to mircowave chocolate chips instead of using the double boiler. 
 Go carefully and slowly, stirring often.  You can only tell the chips are 
 melting by stirring.  Frost brownies while frosting is still warm; cut 
 into squares.  
 Shared by Sherilyn Schamber
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 NOTES : Outstanding brownie that always gets raves, whether you like 
        chocolate or not! --Sherilyn