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       Title: NUT OR ALMOND RING
  Categories: Desserts, Cakes
       Yield: 6 servings
            Cottage cheese and oil
            Pastry (1)
       7 oz (200g) ground hazelnuts or
       7 oz (200g) almonds (blanched and
   3 1/2 oz (100g) sugar
       4    Or 5 drops baking essence
            Bitter almond flavor
            Egg white
     1/2 x  Egg yolk
       3 tb Or 4  water
            FOR BRUSHING:
     1/2    Egg yolk beaten with 1 tbs.
   roll out the pastry to a rectangle 14X18 in. (35X45cm)
   FOR THE FILLING: mix the nuts, sugar, baking essence,
   egg white and 1/2 egg yolk with as much of the water
   as will give a good spreading consistency and spread
   evenly over the pastry with a spatula.  Starting from
   the longer side, roll up the pastry like a swiss roll:
   form the roll into a ring and lay on a greased baking
   sheet. Brush with the egg yolk and make regular cuts
   in the surface 1/4 in (1/2cm) deep. OVEN: moderately
   hot BAKING TIME: about 20 minutes