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                            LEMON-HAZELNUT TORTE
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 Serving Size  : 8    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Cakes                            Desserts
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         -ELAINE RADIS BGMB90B
                         -----BON APPETIT APRIL 1993-----
    1                    8 Springform pan -- 3 tall
    1       c            Sugar -- PLUS
    6       lg           Egg whites
      1/3   c            Hazelnuts -- toasted
    4       tb           Sugar
                         -----LEMON CREAM-----
    1       c            Fresh lemon juice
    3       lg           Eggs
    1       tb           Sugar
    9       lg           Egg yolks
    1       c            Sugar -- PLUS
    1       c            Whipping cream -- chilled
                         -----RASPBERRY SAUCE-----
    1       pt           Fresh raspberries
      1/2   ts           Fresh lemon juice
    2       tb           Sugar
      1/2   pt           Fresh raspberries
    MERINGUE: Preheat oven to 200 degrees F.  line two 17 x 11 cookie sheets
   with parchment.  Using springform pan bottom as guide, trace 2 circles on
   each parchment sheet. Invert parchment. Finely grind nuts and 1 T sugar in
   processor.  Beat whites in large bowl to soft peaks, Gradually add 1 cup
   plus 3 T sugar and beat until still and glossy. Gently fold in nut mixture.
    Spoon meringue into large pastry bag fitted with 1/2 plain round tip.
    Pipe dab of meringue UNDER parchment at corners to secure fit to cookie
   sheets. Starting at the center of 1 circle, pipe meringue in a circular
   motion to form a solid coil and fill circle. Repeat with remaining 3
   circles.  Bake meringues until dry, about 2 1/2 hours.
    Carefully peel parchment from meringues.  Gently place springform pan
   bottom atop 1 meringue to 8 rounds disk. Using serrated knife, cut round
   pan, trimming meringue to 8 round. Repeat with remaining rounds.
    LEMON CREAM: Whisk lemon juice, yolks, eggs and 1 c of sugar in large
   metal bowl. Set bowl over saucepan of simmering water. Whisk constantly
   until mixture thickens to consistency of softly whipped cream mad registers
   160 F on a candy thermometer, about 13 minutes. Strain lemon curd through
   sieve. Press plastic wrap onto surface; chill until cold.
    Beat cream in medium bowl to soft peaks.  Add 1 T sugar and beat until
   stiff.  Fold cream into lemon curd.
    CONSTRUCTION: Place 1 meringue in bottom of the springform pan, trimming
   the edges with knife to fit into pan. Spoon 1 1/4 c lemon cream over.
    Place 2nd meringue in pan, trimming if needed. Gently press down until
   meringue touches cream. Spoon 1 1/4 c lemon cream over. Top with 3rd
   meringue and repeat process. (Reserve any leftover lemon cream for another
   use.) Freeze torte overnight. (Can be made 2 days ahead. Wrap and keep
    RASPBERRY SAUCE: Puree` raspberries in processor. Strain into a bowl,
   pressing on seeds with back of spoon. Mix in sugar and lemon juice.
   Refrigerate until cold, about 1 hour.
    SERVING:  Wrap hot wet towel around pan sides. Release. Transfer to a
   platter; run icing spatula around sides to smooth out. Arrange raspberries
   atop torte. Serve with sauce.
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