homemade boiled custard (not store-bought!)
 two angel food cakes
 toasted almonds or pecans (or a mixture)
 sherry, bourbon, or scuppernong wine
 one or two packages plain Jello (enough to congeal the custard)
 Whipped cream (the real thing)
 Prepare the custard your favorite way, but make it thick.  Stir in enough 
 gelatin to make it congeal.  Let cool somewhat.
 Break the angel food cake into small chunks.  Pour the alcohol of your 
 choice into a small bowl (scuppernong wine is the most authentic, but may 
 not be available everywhere - any of the other alcohols will do fine), 
 and dip the chunks of cake into it.  Place a layer of them in a large 
 bowl (preferable glass - it looks nicer).  Cover with some toasted nuts 
 and a sprinkle of nutmeg, followed by some of the custard, just to cover 
 the cake.  Repeat the layers until the bowl is full.  Refrigerate for at 
 least one day (it is better the second day).  Before serving, whip the 
 cream and spoon on the top.  Another dash of nutmeg and maybe a 
 maraschino cherry can be nice on the top, but is not necessary.  This is 
 a very old recipe - and there are many variations on this - but this is 
 how my family has served it for years, and is best in cold weather.