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       Title: Old Fashioned Chocolate Butter Rolls
  Categories: chocolate, desserts
       Yield: 1
       1 c  sugar
     1/3 c  flour
     1/3 c  cocoa powder
     1/2 ts vanilla
       1 ea 'gobs' of margerine
       1 ea rolled out pie crust
       1 ea milk
   For one butter roll:                                                       
   Mix all ingredients.  Spread on pie crust.  Roll up like a jelly roll.  Put
    into a greased pan to prevent sticking.  Dab margerine on top and pour    
   milk on unitl it is about 1/4 inch deep in pan.  Cook until crust is brown 
   and crispy and milk is absorbed.  About one hour on 275-300 degrees.       
   This was taught to a friend of mine by her great grand father.             
   Typo’s by Connie Robertson.....clonnie@eaze.net