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       Title: COCO-CHIPS
  Categories: Desserts
       Yield: 1 batch
     1/4 lb Margarine (one stick)
   1 1/4 c  Graham cracker crumbs
       1 c  Coconut, shredded
   1 1/4 c  Chocolate chips
   1 3/4 c  Condensed milk,
            -sweetened (1 can)
   Melt the margarine in a 9x13-inch pan.  Combine with
   graham cracker crumbs and spread evenly on bottom of
   pan. Sprinkle coconut evenly over crumbs. Sprinkle
   chocolate chips evenly over coconut.  Pour condensed
   milk evenly over everything. Bake for 30 minutes at
   350 degrees F.
   Let cool for a bit.  Cut into squares and enjoy.  Mom
   insists on using “Borden Eagle Brand” sweetened
   condensed milk. Don't ask me why.
   *  A nicely fattening combination of coconut and
   chocolate chips -- This comes from Mom. (She doesn't
   know where she got it; she memorized it years ago and
   lost the original recipe.) It’s always been a favorite
   with us kids, and last time I was home she gave me the
   recipe. It’s so simple that even a complete clutz like
   myself was able to make it perfectly the first time.
   : Difficulty:  trivial.
   : Time:  5 minutes preparation, 30 minutes cooking.
   : Precision:  No need to measure.
   : Terry Weissman
   : DEC Western Software Lab, Palo Alto, Calif., USA
   : (and mom, Sylvia Weissman, of Orange, Calif., USA)
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