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       Title: Sri Lanka Watalappan (Spiced Coconut Custard) 
  Categories: Desserts 
       Yield: 1 Servings 
            ---------> source <--------- 
            “A taste of Sri Lanka” 
            By Indra Jayasekera 
 ------------------SPICED COCONUT CUSTARD------------------ 
       5    Eggs 
     250 g  Jaggery 
     250 ml Coconut milk, thick 
     150 ml -water 
         pn Cardamom powder 
         pn Cinnamon, ground 
         pn Nutmeg powder 
     1/4 ts Rose essence 
      50 g  Cashew nuts 
   ===========================> Directions 
   Lightly beat the eggs. Mix the jaggery and water and 
   boil until the jaggery has melted. Allow to cool. Add 
   melted jaggery and coconut milk a little at a time to 
   the eggs and continue to beat.-Add the powdered 
   cloves, cardamon, cinnamon,  nutmeg  and rose essence 
   and pour into a greased bowl. Cover with grease proof 
   paper and steam for 1-1/2 hours. Sprinkle with cashew 
   nuts before or after steaming. 
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