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       Title: Bananas Flambe
  Categories: Desserts, Lamb
       Yield: 1 servings
       2 ea Bananas, ripe but not soft          3 tb Brown sugar
       1 x  Butter                              1 x  Rum, dark
   Take 2 ripe, but not soft bananas and cut in half, then split lengthwise.
   Melt a few Tablespoons butter over medium heat. Add 2-3 T brown sugar and
   stir. Add bananas. Cook until fairly warm and starting to soften (about 1
   min.). Flip bananas and allow to cook an additional 30 seconds. Add rum
   (light or dark; dark has more flavor) to taste, and swirl in pan a bit.
   Allow to thicken slightly, remove from heat and serve.