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                           CHRISTMAS CANDY CANES
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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                         -Miles Kimball
    3       c            Sugar
    1       t            Peppermint flavoring
      1/2   c            Water
      3/4   c            Lt. corn syrup
      3/4   ts           Red vegetable coloring
      1/4   ts           Cream of tartar
   Any self-respecting Christmas tree has a right to
   complain If it isn't decked out with a candy cane. The
   sugar, water, syrup, and cream of tartar you combine
   and heat till the sugar’s dissolved real fine. Divide
   into two saucepans, boil, but don't stir, please,
   Until each lot 280 degrees. Add 1/2 ts peppermint to
   each lot and add the coloring to one, the other not:
   place on an enamel or marble table to cool. (First
   oiling the table, as a general rule). Like taffy you
   stretch and pull and form into ropes of red and white,
   now twist them around again and again.
    And form them into your candy cane.
    Now on an oiled surface you allow them to harden,
   then announce to your family that these is ready for
   your Christmas tree. FROM: DOLORES MCCANN (BSWN00A)
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