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       Title: CANDY LESSON #1
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 Servings
            -MARILYN SULTAR (FJVS25A)
   This is ONLY for you and Elaine R., Robbi, so PLEASE DON'T give this
   information or any of the candy lessons out. First of all, I want you to go
   out and buy 5 lbs. of dark chocolate summer coating (VanLeer’s, if you can
   find if, Merkins if not.) and 5 lbs. of milk chocolate summer coating and 1
   lb. of white summer coating. (It will stay, if you don't use if, for quite
   a while--store in tupperware!!!) I want you both to go to a candy supply
   store for these items. Ok, next you need to buy a candy dipping
   tool--plastic mini-pancake turner type is what I prefer to use. (About
   $2.00)  You need to also get Peppermint Oil Candy Flavoring (YOU CANNOT USE
   EXTRACTS!!!) and Cherry (do not get Cherry Oil Flavoring if you cannot find
   Oreo mold!) Oil Flavoring. Get small quantity of crispies (not Rice
   Crispies at grocery store, but they have special ones at candy store) and
   fine coconut. Next you need to find the following candy plastic molds: Oreo
   Cookie Mold, Peanut Mold, Cherry Mold, Peanut Butter Cup Mold. Each mold is
   about $2-$3.  If I were you, I would get at least 2 of each mold as it goes
   faster!!! I forgot to tell you to also pick up dry fondant mix. Then go to
   grocery store and make sure you have creamy peanut butter; heavy cream;
   multi-colored mini marshmallows; reg. sized white marshmallows; peanut
   butter flavored chips, flaked coconut and heavy cream. Also you need
   peanuts (any favorite nut really), raisins, and waxed paper. Make sure you
   have at least
         2    cookie sheets.
   After you get all that, I will send Lesson #2. Oooops! Forgot, you will
   also need good paint brushes from candy supply store (make sure to get some
   thin ones!) and candy cups. Gift boxes if you want to give some as gifts.
   need some lrg. and med. sized candy cups Your initial outlay may be a
   little on expensive side, but after that, you can really get out of store
   with spending no more than $10.00 or so!! If you get some of the holiday
   molds, let me know and I will tell you what to do with those also!! Also,
   if you get boxes, get the quilted paper. This makes everything look nice
   and professional. If you can find, also get small sugar decorations, trees,
   santas, wreaths at candy store. At grocery store, I forgot to tell you to
   get Ritz crackers!
   We will be having lots of fun when you get back.
   OPTIONAL:  Bon Bon Mold from candy store and can of Sweetened Condensed
   Milk from grocery store.