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       Title: CANDY LESSON II****FJVS25A
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 2 Servings
            -MARILYN SULTAR (FJVS25A)
       1    LESSON
   TO MELT:  Use micowave for smaller amts. 2 mins. on High for 1 lb. Mix
   after 1 min. Stirring brings down the temperature, which you want to do if
   you see bubbles.
   AIR BUBBLES:  When you see air bubbles after you pour chocolate into molds,
   drop the mold down onto the table. Don't be afraid!! If bubbles persist,
   take toothpick and burst them. TO UNMOLD: Turn mold over and candy should
   fall out of mold onto clean towel.
   SUCKERS:  If you have a sucker mold, make sure you buy proper sized sucker
   sticks.  After pouring chocolate, place sucker stick into stick cavity,
   making sure you have enough of it in main cavity.
   Then, with your thumb, roll the sucker stick into the chocolate.
   HOW TO RUIN CHOCOLATE:  Get water in it or burn it!!
   Sometimes chocolate gets hard, especially white coatings and colored
   coatings.  At candy store make sure you get Paramont Crystals, which is an
   edible wax substance. Add sm. bit at a time until usable.
   When melting 5 lbs. or more of chocolate at one time--when you really get
   into this, use a slow cooker that you can control the temperature!!!