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  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 1 Servings
     1/2 lb Almond paste
       1 md Egg white
       1 tb White karo
     3/4    Box powdered sugar
            -dash lemon flavoring
   Place almond paste in bowl and knead, add egg white and mix well. Add
   powdered sugar until consistency of very soft dough. Add Karo and
   flavoring.  Add enough sugar so that dough is sticky, but does not stick to
   your fingers.  Keep covered with damp cloth.
   Color to suit fruit or vegetable you plan to make. Roll 3/4 inch in
   diameter and cut into 1 1/4 pieces. Use powdered sugar to keep from
   sticking to board and fingers. PEARS: Yellow - form and add whole clove at
   bottom.  Fleck lightly with brown.
   PEACHES: Yellow - form, crease one side with knife blade. Shade red.
   BANANA: Yellow - form, fleck lightly with brown. Shade end lightly with
   ORANGES: Orange - form, roll in sieve to roughen and resemble orange skins
   CARROTS: Orange - form, crease at intervals with knife blade.
   APPLES: Delicate green - form, indent top.  Add whole clove at bottom.
   Shade red - can add artificial leaf at top stem end
   STRAWBERRIES: - Red - form, indent top, roll in red sugar
   NEW POTATOES: - Uncolored marzipan - form, press “eyes” into each - roll in
   sugar mixed with cocoa.
   WATERMELON: - Form thin oval of green, thin oval of white of same size.
   Place white over green.  Form oblong roll of red, roll up in the green and
   white ovals. Let dry. Slice and add “seeds” with black food coloring
   applied with a toothpick.
   NOTE:  Do not use the liquid food coloring you buy at the supermarket. Use
   cake decorator coloring that comes in a little jar. It can be purchased
   from Wilton’s or other cake decorator suppliers.
   From The Cookie-Lady’s Files