6 Tb cold water
 2 pkg. unflavored gelatin (Knox)
 1/2 C water
 1 1/2 C sugar
 Soak gelatin in 6 tablespoons cold water. Mix sugar and 1/2 C water and
 bring to boil. Add softened gelatin and cool to just barely warm. Beat
 with electric beater about 5 minutes. Use immediately in fudge.
 The remainder can be molded in greased molds and dipped in chocolate.
 Or, it can be poured on greased tinfoil and cut with greased cookie
 cutters. Flavorings and colorings can be added along with nuts, choc chips,
 or anything else you can come up with. I made these with Heath bits 
 (little toffee bits) and dipped in chocolate and they were wonderful.
 Roll in powdered sugar to help stickiness. This is a very versatile candy
 we make every easter.