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       Title: Marzapan
  Categories: Candies
       Yield: 6 servings
     250 g  Sugar
     500 g  Shreded almonds
     200 g  Dusting sugar (10 x extra
            -very fine)
       2    Beated eggs
       1 tb Lemon juice (Real one)
       1 ts Almond essence
   Place sugar in a bowl with the almonds, add the eggs, lemon juice and
   the almond essence.  Now go and wash your hands very well and wipe
   them extremly well (very dry). Mix the batter and make a ball with
   it. Now on a dusting sugar covered place the “ball” and by hand start
   to knead it until it is soft enough. Now is ready for use.
   Can be used on top of cakes and then coming the glace in fine stripes.