Cannoli    No. 3116                                   Yields 36 Cannoli
      4 Cups      All Purpose Flour,         1 Cup       Sauterne
                  Sifted                     2           Egg Yolks
      1           Egg                                    FILLING:
      1           Egg Yolk                   2 Lb        Ricotta
      2 Tbls      Olive Oil                  1 tsp       Vanilla
    1/2           Lemon, Rind Only,        1/4 Cup       Citron, Chopped Fine
                  Grated                   1/2 Cup       Semi Sweet Chocolate
    1/4 tsp       Cinnamon, Ground                       Pieces
      1 Tbls      Instant Coffee
    1/4 Cup       Sugar
 Preheat the oil in the deep fryer.
 Put the flour in a bowl.
 Add the egg, first measure of egg yolk, oil, lemon rind, cinnamon, coffee and
 the first measure of sugar.
 Mix with your hands, adding just enough of the Sauterne to hold the
 ingredients together and form a dough.
 Turn out onto a floured board.
 Knead until smooth and elastic.
 Chill for several hours.
 Cut off pieces of dough about the size of walnuts.
 Roll out very thin on a well floured board.
 Cut rounds using a 5 cutter or saucer.
 Wrap each around a cannoli mold (or a piece of wood the thickness of a broom
 handle and about 5 long).
 Beat the second measure of egg yolks.
 Secure the overlapping part of each cannoli with egg yolk.
 Drop the cannoli, mold and all, into the deep fryer.
 Fry until well browned.
 Drain on absorbent paper.
 Cool slightly.
 Push the molds out one end.
 Cool completely.
 Combine the ricotta with the remaining filling ingredients.
 Fill the cannoli with the filling mixture.