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                             Coffee Anglaise Dessert
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1 1/4  cup           milk                                                  
        1  tablespoon    coffee syrup (previous recipe)                        
        1                vanilla bean, -- split                                
        3  egg           yolks                                                 
        1  tablespoon    sugar                                                 
        4  slices        white pound cake                                      
      1/2  cup           sweetened whipped cream                               
      1/2  cup           raspberries                                           
                         Mint sprigs                                           
                         Espresso powder                                       
 In a saucepan heat milk, coffee syrup and vanilla bean just to a boil. In a
 mixing bowl lightly whisk egg yolks and sugar. Ladle 1/4 cup of milk mixture
 into egg mixture, whisking constantly. Pour egg mixture back into saucepan.
 Stir with a wooden spoon over medium heat until mixture thickens and coats
 back of spoon. Do not boil mixture or it will curdle. Remove from heat and
 cool in an icebath.  Or pour into a bowl and cool, stirring frequently. To
 serve, top sponge cake slices with whipped cream and berries. Pour coffee
 sauce around and over cake and sprinkle with espresso powder.  Garnish with
 mint sprigs.
 Yield: 4 serving
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