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  Categories: Eggs
       Yield: 10 servings
 --------------------------------CREAM PUFFS--------------------------------
            (See CREAM PUFFS III recipe)
       6    Egg yolks
     1/2 c  Sugar
       4    Egg whites
            Few drops of lemon juice
       1 c  Heavy cream
       3 tb Bailey’s Irish Cream
       2 tb Irish whiskey
 ------------------------------HOT FUDGE SAUCE------------------------------
       8 oz Bittersweet chocolate
            (good quality:Callebaut)
     1/2 c  Heavy cream
   1.  To make the souffle, beat the egg yolks with half the sugar in a large
       bowl until very thick and light in color.  Beat the heavy cream until
       it holds soft peaks.
   2.  In another large bowl, beat the whites with the lemon juice until
       foamy, then gradually add the remaining sugar while continuing to
       beat until whites are firm but still glossy.  Stir the Irish Cream
       and the whiskey into the yolks, then fold in the whites.
   3.  Fill the puffs with the souffle mixture and replace the tops.  Place
       on cookie sheets or trays, cover with foil, and freeze several hours
       or overnight.
   4.  Just before serving, make the Hot Fudge Sauce.  Melt the chocolate
       with the cream, stirring well to blend.  Pass the hot sauce at the
       table, to be poured over frozen souffles.