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  Categories: Desserts, Cakes, Frostings, Wilton
       Yield: 1 batch
       1    Jar marshmallow cream for
            -each color desired
            Icing color
   This stays very shiny and is easy to cut through.  These
   decorations will not dry hard as Wilton color-flow & must be
   done directly on the cake or cookie.  CAUTION - Marshmallow
   cream will be VERY HOT.
   Pan Method: Place about 1 1/2 water in a large skillet or
   electric pan.  Depending upon design,  set up to four jars of
   marshmallow cream (one for each color) into pan and bring water
   to a boil.  For faster heating, fill jars only halfway.  Add
   icing color as the cream softens, stir until color is well
   blended.  Let simmer, then stir until cream is smooth.  Leave
   jars in water while you decorate.
   Microwave Method:  Place the desired amount of marshmallow
   cream in a bowl.  Add desired past color.  Microwave on high
   power for about 10 to 12 seconds, then stir.  If not softened
   (the total time depends on quantity being heated) microwave
   again for 7 to 8 seconds more.  After heating, stir until color
   is completely blended.
   TO DECORATE:  Trace pattern on cake with a toothpick.  Outline
   design with stiffened buttercream or royal icing (royal is
   preferred as the heat of the marshmallow cream may soften
   buttercream) and tip 3.  Let outlines dry for 10 minutes or
   more.  Cut a very small opening in the end of a parchment
   bag and fill with marshmallow cream.  “Flow-in” by filling in
   along the edges of the outline first, squeezing gently and
   letting the icing flow up to the outline almost by itself.  Work
   quickly; filling in design from the outside edges in and from
   top to bottom.  If you're working with a large area, have 2
   parchment bags ready so it won't set up before you're done.  If
   the marshmallow starts cooling and won't flow smoothly, simply
   microwave bags for about 7 to 8 seconds on high power.  Any
   remaining cream can be stored in a jar & reused by microwaving
   for 8-9 seconds until soft.