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  Categories: Ice cream, Italian
       Yield: 8 Servings
       5 oz Bittersweet chocolate
   1 1/2 oz Unsweetened chocolate
       4 tb Butter
       5 tb Dry marsala
       2    Egg yolks
       4    Egg whites, room temp
     1/8 ts Cream of tartar
     1/2 c  Sugar
       1 c  Whipping cream,
            -whipped and chilled
     1/2 c  Chopped pistachios
 --------------------MOCHA MARSALA SAUCE--------------------
   1 1/2 tb Instant espresso granules
     1/2 c  Boiling water
     1/3 c  Dry marsala
       4 oz Bittersweet chocolate
       5 ts Sugar
       2 tb Butter
     Mousse and sauce can be done a day in advance. To
   prepare mousse, melt bittersweet and unsweetened
   chocolate and set aside to cool to room temperature.
   Combine butter and marsala in a small bowl and set
   over boiling water. Heat until marsala is bubbling and
   butter melted. Remove bowl from pan and let cool a few
   moments, then whisk in yolks. Place again over boiling
   water and stir until yolks begin to thicken. Cool. Add
   cream of tartar to whites and beat to soft peaks and
   gradually beat in sugar until stiff and glossy. Gently
   fold together whites, cooled chocolate, egg mixture,
   cream and nuts, taking care to keep mixture light.
   Turn into a freezer container and freeze at least 4
   hours. Let stand a couple of hours in refrigerator to
   soften before serving.
    To make the sauce, combine the coffee with boiling
   water and stir until dissolved. Turn into a small
   bowl, adding the marsala, chocolate and sugar. Set
   over a pan of hot water and stir until chocolate is
   melted. Stir in butter until smooth. Reheat before
     To serve, use a small ice cream scoop to spoon out
   about 4 balls of mousse into each of 8 wine glasses.
   Drizzle with hot sauce and serve.
   from Trattoria da Eletta in the village of Sala
   Baganza outside of the city or Parma, Italy