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       Title: Cornish Pasty
  Categories: Meats, Pies, Vegetables, Cornish
       Yield: 1 Pasty
       1 lb Lean trimmed mutton
       3 lg Potatoes. chopped
       2 md Onions, chopped
       2 md Carrots, chopped
       1 pn Parsley, chopped
       1 pn Fresh herbs, chopped
            Salt and pepper
       1 lb Shortcrust pastry
   Make the pastry and chill for about and hour before using.  Chop up
   the meat finely, mix in the chopped vegetables with the meat, herbs
   and season well.  Roll out pastry to a large round.  Place meat and
   vegetable mixture in the center.  Bring over one side of the pastry
   to form a half round. Crimp edges and glaze with milk.  Bake in a
   moderately hot oven for 1 hour.  Filling for a Cornish pasty should
   always be raw.
   This Cornish pasty can be made as one large one or several small
   ones.  In Cornwall, they were eaten by the tin and coppeer miners at
   “Crib” time.
                                           SMITH-TWIDDY, Helen
                                           Celtic Cookbook
                                           Y Lolffa Cyf.
                                           Talybont, Wales, 1979
                                           ISBN: 0 904864 50 2
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