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       Title: Chaddesden Barley Water (English)
  Categories: English
       Yield: 4 Servings
       1 tb Pearl barley
            Peel of 4 lemons
       8 x  Lumps of sugar
       4 pt Boiling water
   Scald the pearl barley bv pourina boilina water over
   it and then strain and discard the water. Put the
   scalded barley into a larae basin with the peei of the
   4 iemons cut into strips. and the 8 lumps of sugar.
   Pour 4 pints of boilina water over the barley mixture,
   cover and leave to cool. When cold. pour slowly into
   ajua to leave behind the sediment bl:t do not strain
   it off. The juice of a lemon may be added before