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       Title: British Ingredients
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                  BRITISH TERM                AMERICAN TERM
                  single cream                light cream
                  double cream                whipping cream
                  Lyle’s Golden Syrup         Light Karo Syrup
                  treacle                     molasses
                  castor sugar                super-fine granulate sugar
                  demerara sugar              brown sugar
                  mixed spice                 substitute pumpkin pie spice
                  dark cooking chocolate      semi-sweet chocolate
                  digestive biscuits          graham crackers
                  plain flour                 all-purpose flour
                  strong flour                bread flour
                  sultanas                    seedless white raisins
                  Morello cherries            pie cherries
                  tomato puree                tomato paste
                  courgettes                  zucchini
                  aubergines                  eggplant
                  haricot beans               navy beans
                  swedes                      turnips
                  gammon                      ham
                  streaky bacon               American bacon
                  bacon                       Canadian bacon or ham
   The Kitchen Companion by Polly Clingerman ISBN 0-942320-44-1 pg 13
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