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       Title: CARPACCIO TONY'S+++FGGT98B
  Categories: Meats, Beef, Italian
       Yield: 6 servings
            1 lb. very lean, highest
            Quality raw beef
            1 egg yolk
            2 tsp. dijon mustard
            Seasoned salt & freshly
            Ground pepper
            2 tbs. fresh lemon juice
            1 c. italian olive oil
            2 tbs. finely chopped
            1 tbs. worcestershire
            Sauce (optional)
            Liquid hot pepper sauce
       1 tb Finely chopped capers
     1/2 c  Rice beef stock
   S. POST OAK, HOUSTON PULIGNY-MONTRACHET, 1977 OR 1978 1. Place beef in
   freezer until firm and in half frozen. Slice as thinly as
   possible.Refrigerate until needed.2.Make mayonnaise by preferrred
   method, or: place egg yolk in mixing bowl and add mustard, salt and
   pepper to taste. Add lemon juice. Start beating with a wire whisk or
   electric mixer and gradually add oil, bit by bit, until sauce begins
   to thicken, beating constantly. As mixture thickens, the oil may be
   added a little faster.3.Place shallots in cheesecloth and run under
   cold water. Squeeze to extract as much moisture as possible. Add
   shallots to the mayonnaise.4.To make the sauce- Stir Worcestershire,
   a dash of pepper sauce, capers and beef stock into mayonnaise. Make a
   little over 1 cup.5.Arrange overlapping slices of beef on plates and
   top with a spoonful of the sauce. Note: The meat must be of the
   highest quality & must be fresh. It should be very cold and partially
   frozen.If completely frozen it may become mushy and unpalatable in