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       Title:  Frittelle De Corleone
  Categories: Desserts, Italian
       Yield: 6 servings
     1/4 c  Raisins, golden                     2 lg Egg yolks
     1/2 c  Marsala OR                        1/2 c  Milk
     1/2 c  Sherry, sweet                            Oil, vegetable
       1 c  Flour, all purpose                       Sugar, powdered
       1 pn Salt                          
        Soak the raisins in Marsala for 30 minutes.
        Drain the raisins, reserving the wine.  Put the flour and salt 
 into a
   mixing bowl.  Stirring very gently with a wooden spoon, gradually 
 blend in
   the wine until smooth.  Stir in the egg yolks and just enough milk to 
   the batter to the consistency of a thick cream sauce.
        In a large skillet, heat 1 inch of oil to 375 F. Using about 3
   tablespoons for each fritter, spoon batter into the oil; DO NOT CROWD. 
   the batter until golden, turning once, 4 to 5 minutes.
        Drain on paper towels; repeat with remaining batter.  Dust with
   powdered sugar and serve hot.
        Source:  New York’s Master Chefs, Bon Appetit Magazine
        :  Written by Richard Sax, Photographs by Nancy McFarland
        :  The Knapp Press, Los Angeles, 1985
        Chef:   Alfredo Viazzi, Cafe Domel Restaurant, New York