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       Title: CIOPPINO *** (EXPT46B)
  Categories: Main dish, Seafood, Italian, Holiday
       Yield: 8 servings
      24    Clams or mussels*
       1 tb Corn starch
       3    Small lobsters; or
       3    Dungeness crabs; cracked
     1/2 c  Olive oil
       2    Cloves
            Minced garlic
       2    Chopped onions
       6    Chopped green onions
       3    Chopped ribs of celery
       1    Chopped green bell pepper
       1 ts Chopped fresh thyme
       1    Bay leaf
       2 c  Chopped fresh tomatoes
       1 cn Plum tomatoes
       2 c  Red or white wine
       1 ts Crushed fennel seed
            Good sized pinch saffron
     1/4 c  Chopped parsley
            Salt and pepper to taste
      32    Small cleaned shrimp
       2 lb Red snapper; cut into pieces
       1    Clove garlic
       1 ts Anchovy paste
   * cleaned and scrubbed SOAK CLAMS OR MUSSELS IN A
   LARGE POT OF COLD WATER with corn starch. Drain
   several times in cold water. Clean and cut into pieces
   lobsters or crabs. Crack as needed. Heat olive oil in
   a large pot and add cloves; garlic, onions, celery,
   bell pepper, thyme, bay leaf, tomatoes, wine, fennel
   seed, saffron, parsley and salt and pepper. Cook 5
   minutes. Add shrimp and snapper, cook, covered,
   stirring once, for 5 minutes. Mash in 1 clove garlic
   with anchovy paste and stir into stew. Cook 5 more
   minutes.    Philip Schulz
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