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       Title: Cantaloupe With Chicken Salad
  Categories: Diabetic, Poultry, Fruits, Main dish
       Yield: 6 sweet ones
       2 c  Cubed cooke chicken                      -halved
   1 1/2 c  To 2 C Fresh blueberries          1/2 c  Sliced almonds
       1 c  Sliced celery                       3    Cantaloupes, halved seeded
       1 c  Seedless green grapes,        
     1/2 c  Mayonnaise                               -=OR=-
     1/4 c  Sour cream                      1 1/2 ts Sugar substitute
       1 tb Fresh lemon juice                 1/2 ts Ground ginger
   1 1/2 ts Grated lemon peel                 1/4 ts Salt (optional)
   1 1/2 ts Sugar                          
   In a large bowl, combine chicken, blueberries, celery, grapes and
   almonds. In a small bowl, mix dressing ingredients. Pour over the
   chicken mixture and toss gently. Spoon into cantaloupe halves. Serves
   Nutritional Information: One serving (prepared with sugar substitute,
   light mayonnaise and sour cream and without added salt) equals: 285
   calories, 87 mg sodium, 36 mg cholesterol, 37 gm carbohydrate, 18 gm
   protein, 9 gm fat.
   SOURCE:*Country Magazine, June/July 1994 POSTED BY: Jim Bodle 5/94