1.)  Follow Lisa’s recommendation re crowbarring them out of their shells .
 2.)  Remove as much of the black, iodine covering as possible.  (Too much
 of this is very toxic to some people and too much of it really only
 detracts from the taste if the wonderful abalone flesh.)
 3.)  Slice 'meat' approx. 1/4 thick, pound with heavy meat mallet to
 approx. 1/8 thickness.  (If you have access to a meat slicer, this is the
 best way to achieve this fete, otherwise, be *extremely* careful when
 slicing as the meat is very 'solid'.)
 4.)  Heat on high, 2 T. butter, a little olive oil and 2 cloves crushed
 garlic in a large, heavy skillet until butter melts.
 5.)  Quickly place abalone slices in skillet and cook for approximately 30
 seconds.  Sprinkle each with freshly squeezed lemon juice, then salt and
 pepper.  Flip slices over.  Cook an additional 30 seconds or until barely
 opaque in color.
 Special Notes--- Believe Lisa’s recommendations that: they are difficult to
 get out of their shells; they cook quickly or you end up with shoe soles;
 you will remember this for a lifetime (both the preparation and eating!).
 Enjoy.  There is a reason these are considered a delicacy and are quite
 expensive to purchase in the stores if you can even find them.  (A former
 roommate of mine used to free dive for them up in Mendocina County.  Yum,
 yum, yum.)