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    1      package       Frozen bread dough -- defrosted
      1/2  pound         Shaved ham
      1/4  pound         Hard salami -- sliced thin
      1/4  pound         Provolone -- sliced thin
      1/4  pound         Pepperoni -- sliced thin
    4      ounces        Can sliced mushrooms -- drain
                         Egg whites
 Line cookie sheet with heavy duty aluminum foil and spray with Pam.
 Place bread dough on sheet and roll out into a rectangle. In the center
 of dough from top to bottom, you will layer the ingredients. Start with
 ham, salami, provolone, pepperoni, and the mushrooms.
 Taking a sharp knife make 4 slits on each side of the bread dough. You
 will then crisscross along the top sealing edges.  Place in a warm spot,
 cover with kitchen towel and let rise.  This can take anywhere from 1-3
 hours depending on how warm the spot is. When it has doubled in size,
 brush with egg whites, (can be omitted) and bake in 350^ oven for 30
 minutes or until brown. This is easier than it sounds and freezes very
 well. I serve this a lot a parties. Formatted for MM by Norma Wrenn
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