Date:    Mon, 12 Dec 94 15:01:20 EST
 From: (Hodapp Jonathan M. F3D x3782 )
   Polenta Pizza
 Have one of those boxes of polenta at home (the tube stuff doesn't really
 work for this.  If you want to make it more from scratch, feel free!).
 Make it.  While it sits on the stove top, chop up veggies.  Red, green, 
 and yellow peppers are 'fun' (wheeeeee), while mushrooms and onions tend
 to be 'on hand'.  When the polenta is ready, pour into a pyrex pan
 (round, square, heck even non-Pyrex is fine so long as it is flat). Cover
 with spagetti sauce and veggies.  Bake.  Eat.  My less ff female friend
 (less ffff???) puts low fat skim mozarella on it, I don't.  Enjoy!