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       Title: Easy Turkey Sloppy Joes
       Yield: 4 servings
   1 1/2 lb ground turkey
     1/2 c  ketsup
       1 md onion, diced
       2 tb dijon mustard
     1/2 ts seasoning salt
     1/4 ts garlic powder
       1    non stick spray
       4    large hamburger rolls or
            -rolls of y
   1.  Either use a non-stick skillet or spray a skillet with non-stick
   spray. Add ground turkey and onion, and cook until meat is no
   longer pink.
   2.  Add other ingredients, and simmer until thickened to your
   3.  Serve as you would sloppy joes, on split rolls.
   You will find this is good, easy, quick, and low calorie!